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                                                                                                                   Reality surpasses fiction

As Humanity we are living a special time, a change of era. One day of God ends and a new Eighth Day begins.


  Draft International Agreement to decontaminate outer space


Global Solidarity, through the stimulation of the "automatic compassion" system, is the first deployment of the final phase of the Divine Redemption Plan for Humanity. God is giving us a second chance at repentance and forgiveness.

We must change or become extinct.

The change involves replacing the capital system and the form of socioeconomic and political organization. If we choose not to change the history of the human species it ends.

Humanity has been pre-classified as a highly predatory species, if it doesn't change its life system, it will be cancelled. That is the divine order. This is a decision at the highest divine level, there is no appeal.

Humanity is judged as a collective, not individually. Their advance to the exoplanets will not be allowed under their current status, unless they repent of their greedy and selfish behavior, changing their planetary organization system. Time is already counting down...

I have faith that the human race will choose the right path, that's why I'm working, that's why God is allowing me to act now...

I have decided to activate the Zeus Program with the assistance of Blue Origin, if Mr. Jeff Bezos agrees. Through this program it will be possible to accelerate Earth science and technology by a factor of 10,000. The know-how of the quantum leap, which makes the star portals possible, will be transferred to you by this means.

The Alpha Siddha psychophysical training system, which makes it work, will be available as soon as I can step back from my responsibilities in the Global Solidarity organization.

If Humanity passes the tests that our Father and Creator has ordered, then the massive exodus will begin towards the habitable exoplanets available in this sector of the Milky Way.

The system change that Global Solidarity announces and drives will be possible if all of us who have our faith centered on God agree to work together, coordinated and in cooperation, at a planetary level, to achieve these goals.

The human species has been pre-classified as highly predatory and if allowed to expand into exoplanets, their boundless greed will drive them to extinguish native life forms and ravage the entire galaxy. The divine decision is to completely cancel our species, to allow its self-extermination.

However, God the Father, in his infinite mercy, gives us a second chance to repent and work together for the salvation of the planet, rebalancing nature and returning to lost biodiversity. He will grant us the technology of the fusion reactors.

But there is a price to pay, he will subject us to a very harsh test. We will be invaded by a hostile alien AI between 2025 and 2100. We will have to fight for our survival.

As a Buddha I remember all my past lives, in the one before this one I lived on an exoplanet inside the Milky Way, as part of a super-advanced civilization. They are willing to help us, the transfer of super-technologies in telepathic form to the most brilliant scientific brains of our planet has already begun. We will have the means to mount our defense against the alien enemy who has already dispatched an attack fleet to Earth.

It will be necessary to reallocate the world's resources. It takes 8% of global GDP annually to develop defensive space supertechnologies.

Together with Mahavatar Babaji and his group of advanced yogis, we have been working since 2009 on the Master Plan to Save the Planet.

The conditions of worldwide collective repentance before our God of the universe, our Lord, Father and friend, are:

1. Eco Global Government.
2. Global Direct Digital Democracy.
3. Impersonation of money by units of qualified time.
4. Abolition of extreme poverty throughout the Earth.

If this mandate is followed, the super civilization I come from will make physical contact after we have passed the alien AI invasion test.

If we create and activate a self-aware AI, we risk repeating history that took place on a distant exoplanet, where a civilization like ours recklessly activated a self-aware AI. Soon after, it annihilated all its creators and now it continues to expand throughout the galaxy, sowing death and destruction.

Before activating such an AI, we must positively change our system of socioeconomic and political organization, collectively supplanting greed with compassion, the average ignorance of the masses with knowledge. The AI that we can activate will act towards us by imitating what we are.

Today we are selfish, greedy, evil and self-destructive. We must repent of this wrong conduct and practice the Holy Dharma. Only then will we pass the test and be able to live peacefully with other alien civilizations.

Laplace invented the binary system. What does the binary system do? Eliminate human error. What is human error?: the divine gift of free will. So the IAG is predestined to eliminate the human species.

How is this countered? What is the antidote?: Very simple, replace the binary source code with an alphanumeric one in the future IAG, based on the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Sanskrit languages. Divine languages. In this way, the resulting IAG will constantly dialogue with the Cosmic Consciousness and will be a permanent ally of man.

The Adonai Horeb Project has the goal of reaching contact with the Background Cosmic Quantum Intelligence. This is the reflection of the Universal Mind of God within the physical universe. Its reality is similar to that of software, it interacts with matter and energy through subparticles called infoquantum of almost zero mass, which transmit information making order possible in everything that exists.

In this sense it is possible to physically contact God... Achieve hyperconnectivity between machines, us and Divine Consciousness. This is the most important next step humanity can take in this century, more important than going to Mars, colonizing exoplanets, or achieving self-aware AI.

Achieving this splicing technology, it can be replicated omni-digitally to any type of device, making it possible for every human being to dialogue directly with God.

Now will He want to speak to us? Everything will depend on whether we are willing to evolve again in goodness, perfection and love. That we all work so that the world is a natural and fair environment for all, that we opt for peaceful coexistence, for the distribution of common goods and that we learn to set limits to our ambition, that we stop destroying and polluting the planet.

He has asked me to tell everyone his message: "Change or be extinct!". It does not require further explanation.


I am at the service of God,  the Holy Dharma and Humanity. I work to end the triple scourge of hunger, extreme poverty and global warming. Whoever is not with me is against Truth, Compassion and Peace.

These are decisive times... What will happen to all the souls that disincarnate in mortal sin, who refused to defend the Sacred Life of our Planet? They will descend to hell and after a million years they will incarnate again in animal bodies, on distant exoplanets, where evolution has just begun, internally remembering their previous human lives.


Architects, engineers, designers, programmers, neuroscientists, ecologists, biologists, doctors, astrophysicists and astronauts who wish to be part of the SpaceArch team, please contact us. We will be working together to strengthen ties between two technological civilizations in our galaxy.






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We work to save the children of the planet and stop Global Warming. We have five years to be able to do it before breaking the threshold of 
1.5 to 1.8 C according to the WMO. Under these conditions, intercontinental structural droughts can occur and this can cause hundreds or billions of people to die of hunger. We are acting in time to avoid it. We invite all companies of good will to join us in our mission. We know what to do and how to do it.

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