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     Reality surpasses fiction

As Humanity we are living a special time, a change of era. One day of God ends and a new Eighth Day begins.



Global Solidarity is designed to bring unprecedented peace, happiness and prosperity to the human race…. But no one has heard his message. No one has offered to collaborate, with three exceptions. People in power have turned a deaf ear. They made their choice.

Natural forces will get out of control, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, droughts, floods, supervolcanic eruptions will increase, the melting of the polar caps will accelerate, coastal cities will be flooded, water and food will be lacking, wars will break out, pandemics will worsen, The heat of the crust will increase, the fossil oceans will rise to the surface, the water will evaporate and the heat will be so intense that in the end the entire planet will be uninhabitable... Can this happen? It depends entirely on our choices, decisions and actions. If we continue to pollute, global warming will accelerate = 2+2= 4

Man believes himself king of Creation. Planet Earth is just one of billions of habitable exoplanets throughout the universe. It is totally insignificant next to all the pride of today's human technological civilization.

2% of annual global GDP is needed to end hunger, extreme poverty and global warming. Less than 200 presidents of the world refuse without consultation to grant these funds.

The alternative is to sell services and products globally and intensively and raise these funds. Doing this requires the cooperation of many, but if everyone refuses to cooperate all hope is lost.

The alternative is to take measures from the private sector, sell services and products, accumulate and recycle capital, applying it massively in green investments. For example, start planting 30 billion new trees per year to capture CO2, until reaching 900 billion new trees in areas that do not conflict with agriculture.

We can act, but we must do it now, together, in a cooperative, coordinated, synchronized and supportive manner...

Karma always pays back






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We work to save the children of the planet and stop Global Warming. We have five years to be able to do it before breaking the threshold of 
1.5 to 1.8º C according to the WMO. Under these conditions, intercontinental structural droughts can occur and this can cause hundreds or billions of people to die of hunger. We are acting in time to avoid it. We invite all companies of good will to join us in our mission. We know what to do and how to do it.

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